The large interior of a stone chamber at the Calendar II site in South Woodstock Vermont. The doorway is oriented for the Winter Solstice sunrise to enter each year on December 21st. Notice the massive roof slabs of several tons each and fifteen feet long capping the edifice. Photo courtesy of Paul Tudor Angel.

ONE summer day, I drove to the top of a mountain in central Vermont. At the top, I parked and started walking around. I get a certain feeling at power centres and I was picking up on this feeling as I found a standing stone and a recumbent stone with Iberian Ogam inscriptions believed to have been written by European Celts 3000 years ago So much for Columbus "discovering" Amenca. At the centre of this cosmic place is a beautifully preserved underground chamber called Calendar II because it is oriented to the midwinter sunrise. If you sit inside the chamber and look out the entranceway on the morning of the winter solstice, December 21, the sun will rise in the centre of the entrance. Analysis by archeoastronomer Byron Dix shows that the chamber was also used in lunar observations and eclipse prediction. This is only one of many such sites found all over New England.

This chamber, like most other such chambers, is located over an underground water spring and a ley-line power centre. As I entered the chamber, I felt a palpable presence in the air, an increase in energy density, an intensity of experience.It came to me that this chamber was specially designed to evoke these kinds of feelings and experiences. The overhead lintel stones weigh approximately three tons each. I couldn't stay in the chamber for more than five minutes. The "volume" of the energy in this place was too high for my tastes and sensitivity.

Monuments harbour the potential for universal creative power that can be directed for the progress of humanity. In India, such spots are called tantrapieds, places for liberation and enlightenment. These sacred places have a very spiritual vibration, facilitating deep meditation and contemplation.

From Finding Places of Power Dowsing Earth Energies, published online by The Geo Group ( Reprinted with permission of Chuck Pettis, author of Secrets of Sacred Space (Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd) available at

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